The Kenyan coast, Uganda and Zimbabwe; final reflections with Simone Weil. (Africa pt. 7)
Land of No Opportunity“I can’t brag that I have something that I’m proud of. But I’m alive. And I thank God for that.” (Africa pt. 6)
Plus the West's rich history of exporting hate. (Africa pt. 5)
The scourge of safaris and incel ungulates. (Africa pt. 4)
On land grabs, lorry crashes, and lions in the night. (Africa pt. 3)
“The streets have been on fire, this is going to be sick.” (Africa pt. 2)
Going on a little trip; announcing a newsletter! (Africa pt. 1)
Before I'd left Pinedale, Wyoming, an old rancher at the Corral Bar gave me a tip. You want to see one of the last real cow towns in the West? he asked…
In May of 2015, two months after his 60th birthday, my dad went into the bathroom of a fancy restaurant and pissed blood. The next day, a CT scan…
We are inundated with stories of successful startups and their founders. In this narrative, failure is shown primarily as a prelude to success, setting…
7/22/22 Note: This is quite literally the first essay I wrote in my post-collegiate life. I had come to Bali to experience life at its most sublime — 50…