What is this?

Stories from inside the West Bank (from an American Jewish guy traveling alone), helping you understand the sheer brutality of the occupation.

For a primer, I suggested watching the highlighted stories on my Instagram page, @infinite_jaz.

Read the first post in this series for more context: You Don’t Understand How Bad It Is Here.

But I’m interested in other stuff, too, so you can expect to receive an irregular cadence of irreverent writing:

  • Immersive and ethnographic-style stories and profiles from my travels (East Africa, America, and more)

  • Journeys into my own heart (of darkness? sign up to find out)

  • Cultural analysis and criticism, essays, short stories, and who knows what else, we’re going to find out together. I plan on trying a lot of new things on the page in the coming months and years, and I would like for you to read them

All posts will be tagged, so if you’re only here for the Palestine writing, it won’t be hard to find (Infinite Occupation tag). But life is one big tapestry so I think you should read it all.

In the meantime, here’s some recent writing from East Africa you might like:

Who I am


Jasper. Thirty-something writer guy, activist, disillusioned entrepreneur, living in Brooklyn with my dog, Dorothy. I travel to places that most people won’t and tell stories from the inside. I’m currently working on a Master’s of Cultural Reporting & Criticism at NYU.

What I write

For me, the stories worth writing are the ones that take surprising twists and turns, leading the reader and the writer to a place that neither expected to be.

How I write

For better and for worse, my instinct is to walk straight into the bear’s den. My inclination is to challenge my own beliefs, and I like to dare the reader to do the same.

I write through a blend of reporting, creative writing, and critical analysis. I read lots of books and try to absorb them into my own writing practice, often experimenting with different forms and styles. I’ve been studying Marxism and psychoanalytic theory for the past several years, and I find myself trying to reconcile what I see through these lenses. I have some exhibitionist tendencies, so I tend to weave my own life into the stories I tell. Above all, I try to write stuff that people like to read.

I’m on Instagram (@infinite_jaz) and Twitter (@infinite__jaz).

You can also learn more about my writing coaching and tutoring practice here.

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